Docker Image base on linuxserver/alpine

Hi everyone;

a Docker Image for GravCMS

I just pushed a docker image based on Alpine 3.7 built à la Linux Server way!,
which means nginx & php runs as a user in the container.

What you will get ?

You will have the last grav+admin and the nginx default configuration I found on the github of getgrav.

APCu & OPCache Status*

You could see if and how APCu and OPCache are used at : ./apc.php and ./opcache.php

click here to see the source of these files
  • APC Status comes from the github of krakjoe
  • OPCache Status comes from the github of rlerdorf
I recommend you to remove them in production,
which you could easily do by executing :
GRAVIMG=$(docker ps|grep jodumont/grav|cut -d' ' -f1)
docker exec $GRAVIMG rm /config/www/grav-admin/apc.php
docker exec $GRAVIMG rm /config/www/grav-admin/opcache.php

If you delete them, they won’t come back.

What is inside the magic box ?

Nothing fancy and it won't require a lot of maintenance and update.

The container is based on : php requirements of getGrav +

  • logrotate for nginx and php-fpm
  • apcu as cache system
  • exif if you want to use the auto metadata option
  • opcache because php cache is never enough
  • tidy in case you want to minify css and js
  • yaml to increase dramatically the performance

The nginx default config also come from github getgrav.
and point to /config/www/grav-admin

The 1st run

GravCMS will be installed in /config/www/grav-admin
./apc.php and ./opcache.php will be pulled from github.


is on my github

So enjoy and don’t hesitate to give me feedback or ask question
I’m sure we could make it better.

and o!.. I forget;
have a great day!


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Thanks! Will check it out when i get a mo!

it’s now turning on Alpine edge
with few modification