Disable automatic display of images in Listings


I was not able to find this in the documentation. I am trying to create a list of publications using the Listing Page. Each sub-page contains a publication. The summary shows authors and venue information. The body may contain pictures taking during conferences or showing posters.

The problem is, when I copy an image into a sub-directory it is automatically added to the summary section of the page. Is there an option to disable this default behaviour?


I’ve found the line where the images are included:


    {% if big_header %}
        {{ page.media.images|first.cropResize(900,600).html }}
    {% else %}
        {{ page.media.images|first.cropZoom(900,300).html }}
    {% endif %}

Removing these lines prevents the inclusion of the images.

The new question is, how can I apply two different blog templates. I copied and modified /user/themes/antimatter/templates/blog.html.twig to publications.html.twig. How can I configure the second blog page to use this template?

You are nearly there! You see the line in the item.html.twig that reads:

{% include 'partials/blog_item.html.twig' with {'truncate':false,'big_header':true} %}

This is passing a variable called big_header to your blog_item.html.twig template. Depending on the behavior you want, you either need this to be false by default and enable it when needed, or true by default and disable it when needed.

We’ll assume on by default, and disable when needed in this example. Then you just need to add a custom header to your item.md page file:

big_header: false

and in your item.html.twig file, change the include:

{% include 'partials/blog_item.html.twig' with {'truncate':false,'big_header':page.header.big_header|default(true)} %}

Not tested, but should work!

BTW, if you start modifying the templates in the Antimatter theme, you should make a copy of the theme with your own name, That way if you update Antimatter via GPM, you can manually diff/merge against your custom theme, and not lose anything.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll try this today.

This is a great piece of software! Congrats! I have experience with all the big CMS solutions and was always looking for something more sustainable.

One last question: Where is the donation-button?

No donation button. I just ask you consider paying for the pro-plugins when they are available.