Differences between expert and normal default page creation form


My first impression is that the normal form has three tabs and more options that the expert form.

Contents - Title
Options - Publishing , Taxonomies
Advanced - Settings , Ordering

Content : Frontmatter
Options : (The settings present in advanced tab of normal mode)

So i think the Normal/Expert toggle seems close to be superfluous and disorienting

Hi, Expert mode allows to directly edit the YAML frontmatter (page header content), and removes most of the controls that themes or plugins add to make easier for users to tweak the page settings.

Normal mode has more options, because in Expert mode every option that is not fundamental has been removed, and all you have is the option to edit the YAML frontmatter manually. Hope this helps “get” it.

I dont know. In UI terms i’d say that this is counterintuitive . I mean in most programs ‘expert’ presents you with more not less.