Deploying to heroku, login plugin failed to load

Trying to deploy to heroku, and following the steps given in the hosting documentation. The files are pushed up, but the admin page displays an error dump because the login plugin failed to load. More specifically, this section of user/plugins/login/login.php is invoked:

    // Autoload classes
    $autoload = __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
    if (!is_file($autoload)) {
        throw new \Exception('Login Plugin failed to load. Composer dependencies not met.');

The vendor/autoload.php does appear to be there. Certainly it is locally.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Your .gitignore is excluding the Login plugin’s vendor folder, so it’s not uploaded to Heroku

I had the same error because I specified vendor in .gitignore, when really I meant /vendor. The first means “ignore all folders named ‘vendor’”, whilst the second means “ignore the folder named ‘vendor’ at the root of the project”.

excellent, thanks. I’ll look into that.

Should probably be in the .gitignore file shipped with Grav

thanks everyone, that fixed it!