Delivering Grav content images from a CDN

Hello All,

Although I have tinkered with Grav from time-to-time I am only now getting down to creating my first public facing website driven by Grav. The site in question is being used to showcase an Android game. I have installed and configured Grav and settled on the Big-Picture theme which allows me to showcase the high quality graphics used in the app quite nicely.

No issues thus far - I have the right CMS, the right theme and Grav docs are a big help. However, there is one issue I would like to resolve. That theme, Big Picture, delivers its images of the actual server on which the CMS is hosted. I would like to deliver the images from an external CDN. While I can certainly hack my way to a solution I am wondering - surely there is a way to get Grav to use CDNs to handle bandwidth hungry resources such as images.

A case in point - the gallery modular page on the Big Picture theme uses six images. I would like them to be delivered not from the /var/www/html/user/pages/01.home/_my-work folder on my server but from my CDN proivder. How do I go about doing this?

hi @UnyteLux

you will find CDN plugin here
Works very well