Deleted page by mistake

Just deleted a blog page in error from “Manage Pages”
Pretty sure there is no “undo”
Don’t have a recent backup
Is there some way to restore this page, from cache maybe?

Two suggestions:

  • On linux you could do 'grep -r <word in page> *' on the /cache folder.
    It might find one or more binary files like "cache/doctrine/60/672d386637336635… If you open it with a text-editor you might be lucky.
  • Is the page indexed by Google? Do a Google search using site:mydomain. If the page is shown in the search results, there might be a litlle arrow next to the url. This will show you the cached version of the page.
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Very helpful, thanks
The grep method would have worked perfectly except, sadly the cache had been cleared by that time.
Oh well, now I know for next time (may there not be one!)

  • Steve