Delete single page from cache


first of all: thank you very much for grav and your work here in the forum too!

I’m pretty new with grav but already created a plugin which do some stuff on the new website I build (at this time locally).

Now I need to delete a single page from the cache. I figured out how to delete the complete cache e. g. parts of them, but to delete a single page I have to know the id in the cache of this page.

So my question is: How can I get the id of e. g. 01.home page?


I now truned off the caching for the particular page in the page header. Not really what I want, but better than deleting the complete cache.

May be some one reads this post nevertheless and knows how to delete and/or remove a particular page from the cache via a plugin.

Currently it’s not possible to manually delete a particular page from cache, but please add this to the issue list so we can make sure we look at adding this in future versions:

Thank you for your reply. I added this to the issus now.