Define image size of modals


I’m having trouble with the image size of a modal that came with the Ceevee theme. I want it to be 100% width but the image source is just 640px. This might be due to the img “scale-with-grid” class but I’m not sure what exactly defines the grid since the container is already 100% width. Either couldn’t find any JS that might determine the size of the img source (there are several sizes available up to 1920px) or some actual settings.

This is the markup of the modal
“div class=“mfp-wrap mfp-auto-cursor mfp-fade mfp-ready” tabindex=”-1" style=“top: 3865px; position: absolute; height: 1051px;”
div class=“mfp-container mfp-s-ready mfp-inline-holder”
div class=“mfp-content”
div id=“modal-1” class=“popup-modal”>
img class=“scale-with-grid” src="/…/4.jpeg" alt="">

Any idea how to get the modal to load a larger image?


Hello there,

is it possible to see your page? Maybe i can tell you where it is defined.

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