Custom field image / admin plugin

Hi, I’m making gallery tab using list and filepicker fields, its working pretty good, but after save the input field with selected image shows just the filename, and not image itself. I have preview_images turned on in my blueprint. Dont u know what should do the trick to show selected image easily?

here’s part of my blueprint

              name: image
              type: list
              style: vertical
              label: Galerie
              limit: 7
                  type: text
                  label: Popisek
                  type: filepicker
                  folder: '@self/gallery/'
                  label: 'Vyberte si obrázek.'
                  preview_images: true
                    - 'image/*'
              type: file 
              label: 'Nahrát nový obrázek' 
              destination: '@self/gallery/'
              multiple: false
                - image/*


is it possible to have thumbnail visible in selected option? i mean ilu09
Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 01