Custom CSS versus SCSS

I am relatively new to development and know basic CSS, but have not delved into SCSS.

  • If I can customize with a custom.css file, do I need to do anything to the scss files or just leave as is?
  • For a simple blog am I missing out by using the css file?
  • Should I delve into SCSS now or wait till I am more comfortable with CSS?

Thanks for your input

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Hi @pbassi, in my experience just working with the custom.css file is fine. I myself do not have any SCSS experience but I’ve used a fair bit of CSS with just the custom.css file.

Hey @pbassi,
you don’t have to use ScSS though it is now heavily used and very popular within web projects. As @paulhibbitts mentioned, if you feel more comfortable with classic css - just override the stylesheets with a custom.css stylesheet. The custom.css is therefore loaded after all processed scss stylesheets.

If you want to get started with scss I recommend the use of a preprocessor application for example PrePos (just google it). Also, keep in mind, that you can write classic css rules within a scss stylesheet, it will work just fine.

SCSS definitely not a must, but if you are interested, then SCSS provides some benefits and it isn’t hard to learn since you already know CSS.

scss is a way more easier ot maintain. I would encourage you to use it !