Current status of rich structured data types implementation?


I’ve searched this forum for and rich snippets, but I only found some old thread. I would like to know if there are any plugins or core hacks or themes that simplify the inclusion of rich content to a site.

I’m referring to:

I’m especially interested in FAQ and QA data type. I’ve seen that there is at least one plugin dealing with some of these rich data, but it doesn’t cover those two specific types.

I’m also aware that you can manually edit the og fields for every page, on the SEO tab.

Any plans to cover all other data types? I consider this would be a quite useful option for many users, since Google values more and more sites with structured data.

I’m looking for a plugin that helps users create the appropriate code needed by Google to index your site as specific content (review, faq, article, etc.)



Is this forum monitored by any Grav team member? I’ve posted this question almost a year ago and went without notice, even though - I think - is pretty important considered how Google is asking webmasters to correctly tag their content.

Have a look at the SEO Plugin. It can create e.g. Twitter Cards and JSON Microdata:

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Thanks, I saw that plugin, but I also saw that its last commit is 2 year old…

If it does its job well, then there is no need to do a commit.

There are a few unanswered issues, dating back to months ago. Dev reported he is too busy, so the only option is to wait for someone to take it over.
However, since these features are more and more important, I’m quite surprised that they aren’t part of Grav core.

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It think they want to keep the Grav Core lean and mean :slight_smile:
E.g. WordPress and Joomla also rely on SEO Plugins. However, their community seems to be more active. But these platform are much older, though.

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