Css_pipeline_include_externals ignored with Grav 1.6


I tried the following configuration with Grav 1.6.3:

  css_pipeline: true
  css_pipeline_include_externals: false

But assets such as https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.1.1/css/bootstrap.min.css (which, as far as I understand, should be considered external) get unified together with local CSS files.

Strangely, when I add ‘{ position: after }’ to the parameters of assets.addCss() for each external links and if I clear the cache, those external links do not get included in the unified pipeline file. But after I reload the page, they get included again…

Anyway css_pipeline_include_externals: false alone should be enough without the need of ‘{ position: after }’, right?

Seems to be solved in Grav 1.6.4!

Actually this is not completely working. The “css_pipeline_include_externals: false” is working fine, but I can’t control the position of the external links. I want them to be referenced before the pipeline unified CSS file. I have tried the ‘{ position: before }’ and ‘{ position: after }’ attributes but they don’t have any effect on the position of the external links in the HTML page.