Css classes possible?

hi there,

as a beginner i have one question in my mind: how is it possible to add classes inside the user/pages?
with md-syntax there is no possibility to add classes to tags.

thanks in advance for answering.

With markdown - no it’s not possible BUT
If you have

markdown_extra: true

enabled in your system.yaml, you can use something like that

<div class="example" markdown="1"> 
Wow, still i can use markdown inside that div

And this will work :slight_smile:

Simply, you can use html inside your user pages :slight_smile: !

ok thanks for fast response :slight_smile:

Actually I’m wrong :slight_smile: In grav if you have markdown_extra enabled, you can do something like that:

![Sample Image](sample-image.jpg?resize=100,100) {.pull-left}

Above example will add class “pull-left” to image. I tested it also with other elements and it also works, so you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Couple of notes.

1 - markdown extra is enabled a bit differently now
2 - you can assign classes to some markdown with markdown extra https://michelf.ca/projects/php-markdown/extra/#spe-attr

ok. yeah finally i found adding classes in the documentation and it works perfect.