Creating a Food Menu from external Data - How?

Hello Folks, i am currently working on the Website of a small Restaurant.
My Site is based on Grav and the Gravstrap plugin.

I want to create a browsable Food Menu that gathers Data from external Excel Files, so i can format it with CSS.
Is that possible in Grav?

I’m sure someone mentioned an example of importing from Excel somewhere around here, but I can’t locate it.

You would need a plugin to import data from these Excel files into a structured format (which presupposes that all the files follow a strict format by whoever makes them), after which you can treat it with PHP to output it into Grav. Depending on the complexity of these menus, you’re most likely better off with menus written in YAML as that is already readable by Grav and easier to structure for users.

Thank you. Problem is that they need to be in table form, so Price Numbers line up properly. Is that Possible in Markdown?

See the Learn by Example section of the plugin cookbook.

Thank you