Create own modular template with custom fields

Hello, I read the documentation, looked at the examples, but I still can’t make my own page template.
What I want to do:
create own fields for the modular page. I looked for an example in the video and did not find it.

I’m looking at the structure of the template Quark, and I don’t understand how to use it as an example to make tabs for a module page with their own fields.

@NataliaB, You might want to download the “One-Page Site” skeleton. It contains a sample modular page with modules. Then take a look at /themes/blueprints/modular/features.yaml. This form creates its own ‘Feature’ tab in Admin with its own fields.

How correctly duplicate features.yaml with custom fields.

  1. I create a services.yaml with fields text like in features.yaml
    How display Services tab in admin panel on page setting ?


Do you have:

  • a “services” template in /users/themes/quark/templates/modular/services.html.twig
  • and a module using the template like /pages/01.home/05._services/
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Oh, I miss services.html.twig
Now I can echo images from my field

This my services.yaml

title: Services
'@extends': default

      type: tabs
      active: 1

          type: tab

          # Add your custom fields here.
          # These fields will be available in the page's Content tab
          # inside the Admin Panel.

            # Custom text field
              type: text
              label: Custom text field

            # Cover image
              type: file
              label: Cover image
              destination: 'self@'
              multiple: false
                - image/*

and my services.twig.html

<div class="container">

  <!-- custom text field content from default.yaml blueprints file -->
  <h1 class="customTitle">
  <!-- custom image select field content from default.yaml blueprints file useful for including a specific image somewhere. since it relative, we can just use the twig tag here in an img html tag -->
  <img src= " {{page.header.custom.coverImage}} " />

    <!-- main content / markdown area! -->
    <div class="mainContent">


On web site:

Some custom text from my fields Text

content from page here

(but why show on page with


@NataliaB, A few remarks:

  • You are using a File field and according the docs:

    The file field is intended to be used by configuration , theme , and plugins blueprints, NOT page blueprints . For pages, you should use the existing pagemedia field and then utilize the filepicker field to select the files.

  • When using a File field, {{page.header.custom.coverImage}} is indeed an array. Have a look at your *.md
  • {{ page.content }} should be {{ page.content | raw }}
  • <img src= " {{page.header.custom.coverImage}} " />
    should be:
    <img src= "{{ page.url }}/{{ page.header.custom.coverImage }}" />
    or maybe:
    {{ (|first).html | raw }}

but why show on page with

I’m afraid I do not understand you last remark.
Maybe just a matter proper formatting using triple backticks (```) and &lt; instead of <.


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@NataliaB, Has this topic been solved?

Yes. All the solutions in the topic helped me. Thank you

@NataliaB, Then please pick one and mark it as solution…

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