Create collection based on page routes

I have a folder of content that contains over 500 items. Instead of having the .md file iterate over items: ‘@self.children’ limited to 6 per page, I am looking to see if it is possible to specify 10 pieces of content to feature for the item collection? If I know the slugs of the particular items, can I make a collection from that?

@pickettj, If I understand the question correctly, a combination of the following two features of Page Collections might provide you the desired result: A collection of pages specified by their route.

  • @page.self or - Collection of just the specific page

    This collection takes a slug route of a page as an argument and will return collection containing that page (if it is published and non-modular ):

          '@page.self': '/blog'
  • Complex Collections

    You can also provide multiple complex collection definitions and the resulting collection will be the sum of all the pages found from each of the collection definitions. For example:

        - '@self.children'
        - '@taxonomy':
             category: [blog, featured]

Example of the combination of the two features:
The following page defines a collection containing two items of a blog specified by their route:

    - '@page.self': '/blog/hero-classes'
    - '@page.self': '/blog/london-at-night'

Thanks for your response. That will do what I am looking for.