Contact Form: Confirmation to any email address

When a person send the contact form, they get a confirmation, or they can send the email to whoever they put in the email box.
How can I turn this off please?
I found this but it doesn’t appear to help.
Thanks for any pointers.

How does your form config look like in the page frontmatter?
I believe you’re looking for this

@SimonJ, The question is not quite clear and open for multiple interpretations…

My guess is you do not want to prevent a user to fill-in an email address for confirmation and/or follow up, but want to prevent something else.

Would you mind sharing what exactly you are trying to prevent?

Yes sorry, the user fills in their name, email address and message.
Then the form is sent to me, but it is also sent to them.
I would like to stop the send to them. they already get a thank you page, it is not needed to email a copy to the user as well.
I am also concerned the address is not checked, so a spammer can use this form to send many emails.

title: 'Contact Me'
    name: contact
            label: Name
            placeholder: 'Enter your name'
            autocomplete: 'on'
            type: text
                required: true
            label: Email
            placeholder: 'Enter your email address'
            type: email
                required: true
            label: Message
            placeholder: 'Enter your message'
            type: textarea
                required: true
            type: submit
            value: Submit
            type: reset
            value: Reset
            fileprefix: contact-
            dateformat: Ymd-His-u
            extension: txt
            body: '{% include ''forms/data.txt.twig'' %}'
            subject: '[Site Contact Form] {{|e }}'
            body: '{% include ''forms/data.html.twig'' %}'
        message: 'Thank you for getting in touch!'
        display: thankyou

This is the form.

@SimonJ, In that case, use a solution similar to the one referenced by @Karmalakas

    - email:
        from: "{{ }}"
        to: "{{ }}"
        subject: '[Site Contact Form] {{|e }}'
        body: "{% include 'forms/data.html.twig' %}"
   - message: 'Thank you for getting in touch!'
        display: thankyou

There will be no emails sent to the address entered by the visitor and your contact form cannot be used to sent emails to anyone else but you.

It does not prevent the form to be used for spam though… For that, you need a honeypot field, captcha field, or your own plugin to check the contents of subject/message to detect spam patterns/words.

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Perfect thank you.
I have the nospam plugin checking for URL entries and so far no problems.