Child Theme: 400 - Template "default.html.twig" is not defined


I want to make a child theme with quark-open-publishing as parent theme. So I read this article

My mytheme.yaml looks like this

 type: ReadOnlyStream
     - user/themes/mytheme
     - user/themes/quark-open-publishing

Folder structure is: Screenshot_20190507_102319

mytheme in the backend looks like this:

When I active it I get following error message:

Server Error
Sorry, something went terribly wrong!

400 - Template “default.html.twig” is not defined.

When I activate quark-open-publishing then everything is okay. So I guess something is wrong with my child-theme setup

Can you help me with it?

Solved it by installing

Open Publishing Space

It has a mytheme Setup pre-installed

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