Change theme dynamically

I’m trying to develop a plugin which change theme if mobile is detect.
I found how to get the current theme in the array with grav['config']->get('system.pages.theme') and how to find all theme grav['themes']->all()
But I don’t know how to set/change the current theme to another one.
For your information, my plugin is using Mobile_Detect.php for mobile detection.

A couple of things. Grav already includes and is available to use in your plugins. It has a simple platform detection function. It doesn’t actually have a simple way to tell you if you are on a mobile platform or not, although it detects a variety of mobile platforms.

{{ browser.platform }}

Anyway, mobile_detect has more features, and may suit you better.

To set the theme, you should simply change the config:

$grav['config']->set('system.pages.theme', 'mobile_theme')

You should do this before the theme is rendered. So pick an appropriate event:

Thanks! Its works! :slight_smile: