Change 'blog' to something else

I would really like to change ‘blog’ to ‘articles’ or ‘topics’ or virtually anything else except blog. How do I do that? I want my substitute word to appear on the menu and I want to remove the word blog from the interface. I am just starting to use Grav but am comfortable changing the code if I can’d to this through the Admin panel. Thanks

What theme are you using?

When the theme is AntiMatter, for me changing the start of the frontmatter of /user/pages/home/blog.mdfrom:

title: Home
blog_url: blog
body_classes: header-image fullwidth


title: Home
blog_url: articles
slug: articles
template: blog
body_classes: header-image fullwidth

will do the trick.

Thank you. Sorry I forgot to mention the theme. I’m using g5_helium so I’ll see if I can find something similar to the above.

A-ok, so if you change the frontmatter item ‘blog_url:’ to ‘articles’ as described by @bleutzinn that should work in Gantry 5 as well.

I just tried that with Helium myself (and also renamed the parent folder to ‘Articles’ with the page slug ‘articles’) and it seems to have worked.

Here is my Helium-based test site, with Articles as the blog root:

Thank you both once again. I now have it exactly as I want it and understand a bit more about how things work. Much appreciated.