Cannot start the CKeditor install

I try to the install the CKeditor plugin by using GPM as described here (because CKeditor is not listed via the admin/plugin interface):

I have copied the CKeditor files in a CKeditor directory created under the user/plugins directory, as recommended.

Then I go to the bin directory of Grav and type “gpm install ckeditor” , but then I get an error message saying:
"gpm is not recognized as an internal command, an executable program, or a command file".

I have checked that gpm is present into the bin directory.

What can I do ? is there another way to install the CKeditor plugin ?
Thank you

Anybody has an idea of what I could do to use “gpm” for installing the full version of CKeditor ?

Not currently @nounours18200, but there will be big news related to a Grav WYSIWYG soon(ish) with Grav Premium… maybe even in just a few weeks at :tada:

Thank you paulhibbitts, I start with another CMS and will test again Grav when its new release is available : easy switching is an advanteg of the DB less CMS !

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Based on the changelog of the upcoming version (1.70), nothing is said about CKeditor : so it sems that it will still not be supported by Grav…
Therefore I am obliged to stay with another CMS that is “CKeditor compliant”…

Once the plugin is in /user/plugins, its folder and all files, it is already installed. The specific error you are referring to happens when /bin/gpm can’t recognize PHP, so you need to prefix the command like php bin/gpm install ckeditor.

The 1.7.0 changelog would not mention CKEditor, as the editor is in no way bound to Grav itself. It would be used by the Admin plugin, but there is no public, concrete plans for CKEditor to replace TinyMCE, it has only been mentioned for the version of Admin that comes along with Grav 2.0.