Calling a link in twig from MD file

I would like to call a link in a twig from MD file.
This link is a ‘buy it’ button for snipcart.

<a href="#"
	class="button primary snipcart-add-item"
	data-item-id="{{ page.header.product_id }}"
	data-item-name="{{ page.header.title }}"
	data-item-price="{{ page.header.price }}"
	data-item-url="{{ page.url }}"
	{% spaceless %}
	{% if cart_img %}
	data-item-image="{{ cart_img.cropResize(50,50).url }}"
	{% endif %}
	{% endspaceless %} >
<i class="fa fa-shopping-cart"></i> Add to Cart

In the MD file I would to wrap this link as such.

[buy it](/link)

Maybe you can do that with the shortcode plugin?