Button in Hero home, not working. Theme Hola

Hi, everybody.

I’m making one website with the theme https://github.com/devlom/grav-theme-hola, from the page of themes in grave site, and it has an optional button in the home section to link to another page or external site, but it doesn’t work propertly and I don’t know what’s happen.

However, if I open the link with de secondary menu, with mouse right button, the page opens in other tab correctly.

The code which does that possible is:

                {% if page.header.button1Text %}
                    <a href="{{ page.header.button1Link }}" class="smoothscroll btn btn--stroke">
                        {{ page.header.button1Text }}
                {% endif %}

You can check it in grav.juanvillen.es

Thank you, very much

Hello, again

I’ve deleted the class smoothscroll from the code and it works now.


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