Backend (Admin Plugin): Ability to create/clone field on the admin site

Hi guys,

lets assume, I have a custom field article1 like you can see on screenshot below

Is there a way, that a user can clone this field in admin panel to add a new article item for example? So there is no need for coding…

Which field? what are you trying to achieve?

As you can see on the screenshot I posted before, there is a textfield article1 under the label Articles.

What I want to achieve is, that an user (on the admin panel) can clone this field directly on the admin panel. So when I want to add a new article article2, then I don’t have to do this with PHP, Twig or else.

That sounds like it would require a new custom field that handles the ability to ‘copy’ the current field and inject a new field into the form. Something along the lines of Array or List field, but just for a text field.

This does not exist today.