Assets plugin and blog index/item pages

Hi all,

I’d like to use different css and js for every post of a blog. For quick testing some jQuery plugins or other css tricks and posting them through the Grav blog system.

The problem is after I add asset code into my blog post(which is based on “item.html.twig”):

a {color: red !important;}

[a test link]("")

all my blog index page 's a tag turn red, but when I click in the post page, the link goes back to the custom.css setting which is black with underline. It seems that my assets codes are only effective in blog index page, but not in the single post page(which I prefer).

the blog index page:
the single blog post page which is using the assets code:

Thanks for any help!

problem solved,
it’s a problem only happens in assets plugin,
shortcode-assets works well.