Are the raspberry pi tutorials for Grav outdated?

I think I’ve tried every tutorial for installing Grav on the Raspberry Pi out there (Most use NGINX) and I couldn’t get any to work despite following them word for word. The furthest I was able to get was with one from Nirokato, I was able to load up a basic grav page with a 404 error. Are they are idiot-proof tutorials out there to get Grav CMS to work on a raspberry pi/debian? I don’t care what web-server it is, so long as its not Caddy (nothing against caddy).

I have actually followed the Grav tutorial guide installing Nginx on my rpi3 with no issue.

If you got Grav to show up, then it was working - the 404 might have been caused by a webserver configuration issue, the most common ones listed in

Its a little outdated, Raspbian is now running Jessie by default. Other than that, it should be all good.