Archives plugin in - clear history?


I accidentally published a blog post that had a date of October 2020 and now my Archive Plugin displays that, is there anyway of clearing that entry so it doesn’t display?


Hi @techielass, after you corrected the date (or deleted the post) did you also clear the cache? Just asking, but I often forget this type of thing too🙂

I have, both clearing cache with the command and by deleting the folders in the cache folder but it hasn’t deleted the entry. :frowning:

What happens when you try to delete the page in Grav?

Not what you mean about delete the page?

Do you mean the archive page? As the blog post that was dated wrong has been corrected.

@techielass It is a long shot but perhaps by deleting the page (after you make a copy of the content), clearing the cache, and then refreshing the Browser to see if the invalid entry is still there? Might give us a lead etc…