API to create content via front end?

I’m looking at Grav as an alternative for Kirby CMS. So far it looks very solid. Does it have an easy to use way of creating content outside of the admin though? I can’t find information about this in the docs… If there is an easy way, an example would be much appreciated. Here’s an example of how easy this works in Kirby:

page(‘mypage’)->children()->create($current_user, ‘mytemplate’, array(
‘title’ => ‘mytitle’,
‘date’ => $today

Page does have a save() method on it, this is what the admin uses, but you basically have to create a page and set all the bits on it first, then call the save.

I suggest digging into the admin plugin and looking at the save() method in the controller.php class.

We do plan on creating a JSON API that will make a lot of this easier. BTW, you might find this handy too: http://learn.getgrav.org/api/

Thanks, I’ll take a look.