Accessing punchline header image Saturn theme

I am a complete newby. Just installed my first ever grav site - I chose the Saturn theme and am fiddling around how to adjust.
I changed (=replaced) the header image in the folder but am unable to change or delete the punchline.
How to access this?

thanks in advance for good advice

@fred, Steps to find out how to set the “punch line”:

  • Open you website
  • Richt click on the punch line and inspect the element. It will show:
    <p class="p-intro"></p>
    Note the class="p-intro"
  • Using your code editor, open folder user/themes/saturn/templates
  • Your first template the explore should be partials/base.html.twig
    (When you know grep, you can search for the right template using the the class.)
    • On line 55 you will find <p class="p-intro">{{ site.intro }}</p>
    • {{ site.intro }} means: Print the value intro which is defined in file user/config/site.yaml.
      That will be your punch line…

Ok thanks for the prompt reply. The I found the files you pointed out. I havent changed anything - still the punchline in user/config/site.yaml does not appear.

@fred, Sorry, but I cannot reproduce the issue using the following steps:

  • Fresh install of Grav
  • Installing theme Saturn using $ bin/gpm install saturn
  • Set the theme in user/config/system.yaml
      theme: saturn
  • Set the intro value in user/config/site.yaml
    intro: This is my punch line


Please share the content of your user/config/site.yaml

By the way, your site throws an error on the incorrect src value of the avatar image being set in front of the punch line.

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS img:1

title: ‘Homeopathie Amsterdam Noord’
default_lang: nl
name: ‘Trudy van den Berg’

  • category
  • tag
    description: ‘Grav is an easy to use, yet powerful, open source flat-file CMS’
    enabled: true
    format: short
    size: 300
    delimiter: ‘===’
    redirects: null
    routes: null
    route: /blog

A second question. I dont want the punchline on every page.
Can it be accessed per page?
Or else removed all together?

thanks for support


still the punchline in user/config/site.yaml does not appear

Did you define it? I don’t see it in your user/config/site.yaml.

Installing a theme does not magically add configuration settings outside of the theme itself.

A second question. I dont want the punchline on every page. Can it be accessed per page?

Only by creating a child theme, overriding the templates of the parent and adding a variable in the frontmatter of the page.

Or else removed all together?

Yes, by removing the element from base.html.twig inside your child theme.

Note: When overriding base.html.twig, see Cookbook.

Note: Please don’t add multiple questions to a single topic. A topic can only have a single ‘solution’, which means the answers to other questions will be buried and hard to find.

Ok thanks for pointing out good practices.