Redirect from parent to most current child

Hi everybody,

I am pretty new to Grav and though I got pretty far with what I wanted to achieve, I have come across a problem that I am not able to solve by reading the great (!!!) documentation or following threads here in the forum.

Is there a way to redirect from a parent page to the most current child page? Or the first child page?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @vfor , you could use the redirect option in your parent’s page frontmatter:

I do not know of an automatic way to do the first child, but if I recall correctly something like that is coming up in Grav 1.7 (not officially released yet).

Hope the above helps,

Thanks Paul. Leaves me waiting for 1.7 (or so). I thought there might be a trick using the sorting numbers and always use the first child then. Patience is a gift. :wink:


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Hi @vfor, I’ve been able to track down the exact item in the ChangeLog for 1.7: (read down list)

Does it sound like this might be a good match for your situation?

Hi @paulhibbitts and thanks for pointing me towards this list. Not quite sure yet - will have to give it a try once it is stable. As for now I am fine with relinking folders once a year, but always keen on finding ways to better automate tasks.

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