{% if config.plugins.login.enabled and grav.user.username %} not working

Has anyone else noticed that {% if config.plugins.login.enabled and grav.user.username %} has stopped working? I’ve tried using {{dump(grav.user)}} and looking at the debugger but even though I’m logged in it shows:

Grav\Common\User\User {#105
  #gettersVariable: "items"
  #items: array:5 [
    "username" => ""
    "state" => "enabled"
    "authenticated" => false
    "authorized" => false
    "language" => "en"

Have not noticed this, well spotted.

Are you able to submit this as a bug report on Github? I just described this process on another thread if you are not familiar.

Doing that will get the attention of developers better than here and hopefully it will be resolved sooner.

It seems I have the same problem, I submitted an issue here:

In my case it was a difference between login in the admin and login in the frontend…
I closed the issue as it is working now as expected, you have to login to site frontend to use the grav.user.username variable.