Comment editor for admin

Hello, I am very new to Grav and have found my way round most of it.

I like the comment ability but I have some spam comments I would like to remove. Is there a plugin to do this or is it a case of edit each file manually?

Also is there a file manager that integrates into the admin panel?

Sorry if this has been answered, I did a search but maybe with incorrect terms.


I like the comment ability…

The comment ability of what? Comments in general, or do you perhaps mean the comment ability provided by a plugin? If so, which?

Yes there is a comment facility for the posts and in the admin panel there is a comment link (on the left) which display the comments. I would like some ability to edit or delete them.

See here

Sorry for not being clear

@SimonJ, Admin does not provide any comment functionality, unless provided by a plugin.

Did you install a theme, or skeleton that comes with a comment plugin? If so, which?
Or did you install a comment plugin yourself? Of so, which?

If a plugin has been installed, its file should provide you its possibilities and configuration options.

Ah, yes I did. I installed grav-skeleton-pinpress-site+admin-1.0.0

Sorry I thought the admin section was standard and only the theme changed.

Ok solved. This was in the read me

Things still missing

  • Allow to delete comments from the Admin Plugin