Call to a member function set() on null after upgrade to last version

Bad zip peter, I can’t open it.

Ok - Have sent another zip file. Not certain that it’s a server issue. I’ve just uploaded a copy of the site to another server (that also has several Grav installs on it running perfectly) and it’s getting the same issue.

Peter, i’ve found your problem. You have a folder called simple_form-OFF. Delete this and things start working again.

I will try to find out why this is causing the problem, and find a solution so we skip these in the future.

Anyone else who is having this problem, please check to see if you have renamed a plugin folder or something. That could be the cause.

So you can just remove any renamed folders in user/themes or user/plugins, or you can update your local Grav install with these changes:

Either way should resolve the problem.

Fixed ! Thanks !

Can confirm it does work again! Thanks!

Ok from my side too. I had a temporary folder in plugin folders, i used it for test. As soon as I delete it, all was fixed. But another issue, I update Grav to RC 6, OK, update admin plugin to RC7 ok, I have 6 others plugin to update but I’m Unauthorized to do it ???

Try clearing your browser cache… details here:

OK I’ve got it now, thanks
First time I see the admin in french ;=)