Why would Learn2 skeleton succeed with IE11 and Win7/Win8 but Supra skeleton fail?


Help please.

Some customers say they can reach other web sites with IE11 in Win7 and Win 8 but not ours.

I realise IE11 is not supported on these versions of Windows but we do not want to turn customers away.

Our site uses the Supra theme. The basic Supra skeleton site fails on webpagetest.org set to IE11 (Response header: HTTP/1.1 302 Found). However the basic Learn2 with GitSync skeleton succeeds (Response header: HTTP/1.1 200 OK).

We cannot see any obvious difference between the Supra and Learn2 settings and do not know where to look next.

Any ideas how to resolve this?

Thank you


Hi @jitr, by “supra” what skeleton are you referring too? I do not see that one on getgrav.org

In general, I would compare the .htaccess files for both skeletons and then also the system.yaml files to see if any key differences can be seen.

Hi @paulhibbitts, thank you for the suggestions.

Supra is a Rocket Theme skeleton for Grav, etc.

The Rocket Theme Photon skeleton also fails to connect as does the recent Grav One Page skeleton.

I’ll take a closer look at the files you mention.

Hi Paul

I can’t find any significant difference in the htaccess and system.yaml files.

The answer is probably in code changes somewhere. Hopefully someone will be able to put their finger on it.


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Hi Paul

As usual the answer was simple! Using webpagetest.org Grav skeleton sites connect to IE11/W7 using http: not https:. Grav settings must not force SSL.


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Great to hear you got it working!