Where can i download earlier versions of skeletons?

Seems like new versions don’t work anymore at my hosting provider.

Maybe it’s because we had to drop support for PHP 5.4?

The reason skeletons do not work is not directly caused by the skeleton, but by the fact that the skeleton is installed on a newer Grav version.

You can install an older version but it’s not immediate, and honestly you’d lose all future updates and fixes, so I’d recommend you get in touch with the hosting to upgrade the PHP version. (if that is the problem, you didn’t mention which problem you had)

flavio, yeah, it’s that earlier php version that my hosting provider uses, and there are thousands of users under it. So they will upgrade it when ever they feel like…

In this case you might need to switch hosting. 5.4 is now abandoned http://php.net/supported-versions.php - a reasonably good hosting should have already upgraded

If you hosting provider doesn’t support anything newer than PHP 5.4, I would definitely look to move away from them. Grav is very easy to move (just zip, move, unzip), and really there is no reason to be ‘loyal’ to a hosting provider that only provides end-of-life and unsupported software versions.