W3c validation fail : blog-skeleton

My website fail to the w3c validation test. It appears that the skeleton have the same behavior.

Here the test links :
blog-skeleton w3c test
refletsdart.fr w3c test

Would you have some recommendation about the missing alt attribute and

tag ?

Regarding the alt, it could be how you have your images:


= no alt

![my alt](myimage.jpg)

“my alt” = alt

Regarding the paragraph tags, it could well be the newlines or lack thereorf between paragraphs in your markdown. Just try playing with that and seeing if the result changes. Basically those <p></p> tags are mostly output by the markdown->html processing. There are a few of these tags in the partials/blog_item.html.twig but I just had a quick look and I don’t see any dangling ones there.

I also noticed that. Post images (those that you just put in the post folder) don’t come with the ability to add alt text.
Or maybe I am just too much of a templating noob)

Just have to add an alt attribute to the tag in the Twig template then.

Ok, thanks Andy, that’s what I should have looked for in the first place.