Use Grav for many users

The more I use Grav the more I want to use it for all of my website projects.

I manage a Wordpress “magazine type” website with about 10.000 users and willing to switch it to Grav.
Also will need a Profile Directory feature, but I guess that is certainly possible to do.

Can Grav manage that amount of users (logins, profile, list, etc) ?


Grav stores each user as a YAML file in the user/accounts/ folder. These users are not really ‘all loaded’ up other than in the admin, so performance is not really an issue, it’s more about manageability. 10k users is quite a lot and you are going to need some advanced management for that. The Pro version of the admin is going to have this level of support, but we have not really planned for this amount of users, but we probably could add some logic to handle this number of users by using some advanced paging capabilities and only loading X amount at a time.

Another option to consider is storing users in a database of some kind and then just creating your own plugin to handle login via that database. A new upcoming version of the login plugin supports login specific authenticators, so you could easily create a custom login authentication type for your magazine users.

Very clear, many thanks for your reply.