ToTop stopped working on Skeleton

Hi there:

The Back to Top link stopped workign on my skeleton. How would I fix this?

This is ‘probably’ caused by a JS error. Check your web inspector console in your browser.

The is what I see

We don’t have the issue on the demo, you might want to compare that with your site.

Some theme-related JS is causing the error, but it cannot be replicated without knowing what your setup looks like. Is this a live site? Also, a “Back to top”-link really only requires a HTML-anchor, JS for animation on-top is sugar from a UX-perspective.

Out of curiosity, are you using the skeleton “as-is”, that is, without any modifications yet? The “oceans.mp4”-video is loaded over HTTP rather than HTTPS, thus throwing a mixed-content warning, but that in itself should not stop any JS needed to play it.