Template informations file

Hi there! I’ve some issue with my template informations file (blueprint.yaml). Every fields on the back office are empty (or not display). I’ve took every field from the documentation even from an existed template, but it’s doesn’t work. Any idea about that?

The content here:

name: Jeremie
version: 0.1
description: "Jeremie Berduck Portfolio"
icon: group
  name: Jeremie Berduck
  email: xxx@gmail.com
  url: http://jeremieberduck.com
homepage: http://jeremieberduck.com/
demo: http://jeremieberduck.com/
keywords: jeremie, theme, modern, fast, responsive, html5, css3, resume
license: MIT

What’s not showing up? and where? How about a screenshot to show what you mean?