Taglinks with semicolon freezes Chrome

Hi! Thnx for a fantastic CMS! I do have one issue tho with a blog for a client. It appears as Chrome doesn’t like the blog tags at all. The tag cloud or tags attached to posts won’t work in Chrome (Version 45.0.2454.99). I’ve switched between “:” and “;” in the URL since the host is Apache, but to no avail. The tag (links) work perfectly in other browsers. Any pointers to how I can fix this?

I’m not sure how the semicolon could freeze chrome. I use chrome all the time, and im sure many others do also. I have never seen or heard of anything like this.

The semicolon is intended to be used for Apache server running on Windows as the standard colon causes a server error because of a security check inside Apache that restricts the use of colons due to windows use of them in the file system path (c:\windows) etc.

Other than that specific scenario, you should use the standard colon.

That all said, this should not cause chrome to freeze no matter what, so my hunch is that something else is going on. Perhaps you can provide me with a URL so I can test?