Sudden ParseException

Symfony \ Component \ Yaml \ Exception \ ParseException
So, for some reason all of the pages on a site I’m developing now get this error. I was just working on templates and adding pages, this started happening. I tried going back to before I made the changes and even cutting everything out of the template, style.css, and page files, but it didn’t make any difference. Any thoughts? Do you need more info?

Symfony \ Component \ Yaml \ Exception \ ParseException
Unable to parse at line 4 (near "2").

Ohhh, my… I’m sorry. It was a really simple problem. I left a header line unfinished on one page. I had no idea that an unfinished header on one page could throw off the entire site.

Yah the headers are parsed for all pages and then cached. If Grav detected a file had been updated, it would try and get all the headers again and recache them. This is why this one error threw off your entire site.