Slow requests for tiny files

I have a site with a fairly lightweight home page (about 700k, half of which is webfonts). It loads quickly until it gets to the SVG images, which for some reason all have very long (proportionally) response times, and all load serially.

As you can see in the web inspector screenshot, these SVGs are tiny, each around 1k, but combined with the response time, each one takes nearly as long to load as a webfont that is 100x the file size! Obviously this isn’t making the site unusable (it still loads in under two seconds), but it does feel awfully inefficient.

I guess my main question is: Is this something I could likely fix in Grav or with htaccess, or is this something I should take up with my hosting provider?

@statestreet, Grav is not involved in loading image/svg files. The files are fetched straight from disk by the webserver.

If the issue is reproducible and persistent, I would first ping my hosting provider.

why using svg? not webp extenstion.

@topidesta, Would you mind explaining in what way your reply is helping OP?

i have no idea how to explain, just want say, i’m using .webp extentsion for an image and it’s small then svg or png and just using google font or fontawesome for font.

You can’t just replace svg with webp depending on use case. svg is vector. Webp is pixels. Completely different things.

@statestreet, Curious if there is any progress you could share…