SiteGround Documentation Correction/Suggestion

Hey cool people,

I’m working through GRAV install issues (I’ll save that for another thread) and I found the SiteGround Install Doc. Just a small note when enabling in a php.ini:

Putting the php.ini in your ~/public_html dir will not necessarily enable it (at least in my case) if you have multiple domains (web roots) registered.

SiteGround calls them “addon domains”. When you register a domain beyond the initial one you created when signing up, you have to add it as an “addon domain” in cPanel and point it to a dir that is it’s web root. I would suspect in most cases, such as I did, that people would change their default web root to be something like:

~/public_html/ instead of ~/public_html/

and any addon domains as:


I’ve found that I must put the php.ini in each new web root dir under ~/public_html/ where I want it to be active.


Thanks. I’ll udate the doc with the info you provided.