Show external domain in adress bar


I’ve been trying to solve this problem for weeks now. Thankful for any help!

I installed grav on my webspace and its working fine. I got my page running under the webspace domain and I bought a external domain only from a different host. A redirect form the external host already works (he managed to redirect it over his own personal webspace to the webspace I pay for). But the adress shown in the adress bar is still the one from my webspace and its folders. how can I change the shown url in the adress bar?

my page is here: (adress of the webspace)
but it also works with a redirect:

i want “” to be shown in the adress bar.

How can I handle this?

Thanks so far,

The thing is you hae your domain redirecting to the This is why the URL says because that is where the site is hosted. What you need to do is setup your account to also respond to the domain and also update the DNS entry to point to the IP address of the server where it’s hosted.

How you setup your account with the domain really depends on how you host. If it’s shared hosting then it’s probably all configurable through the hosting provider’s control panel. You might need to contact them to get this sorted.

Hi! Thanks for your answer!

The IP and also the CNAME I got from the server host is only for the base URL. Luckily I’m in personal contact with the domain-only host.
But there’s no setup possibility within the hosting provider’s service panel (where I have the webspcace). I already spoke to them and they set an alias folder for my website with the external domain.

How can I set up my account to respond to I tried it within the .htaccess, but I failed. Would you give me more detailed instructions? I’m quite new to this stuff and am learning by doing.

Unfortunately the problems you are having are very specific to your hosting situation and nothing to do with Grav itself. it’s just standard Hosting and DNS setup, if your hosting provider is not able to help you, I strongly recommend you switch to a better hosting provider.