Shortcodes not working in additional markdown editor

Hi everyone,

I’ve added a second markdown editor (form of type “markdown”) so that I can distinguish some kind of introduction from the main text content.
My problem is that the shortcodes are not working in this additional markdown editor (but they work correctly in the main “content” form). For example, when using the shortcode to Underline a part of the text, the result is [u]my underlined text[/u] … does anyone has an idea of how to make the shortcodes work?


So I see two issues here:

  1. Second editor has issues with parsing markdown
  2. You want your pages to have intro

  1. Not sure about that, but sounds like Javascript issue not getting the second editor element
  2. There’s a site config (in Admin located under Configuration > Site) which has Page Summary settings:

    And then in main content editor you can have something like
Some page intro


Other page content.
With lots of text.

In Twig it’s available as {{ page.summary }} IIRC

Thanks for your answer, and sorry that it took so long for me to reply.

Concerning the ways to add a summary to a page, I know them well and use them regularly. I used an additional editor because it’s not really a summary that I need, but a text I can use independently from the main content. To make it more clear, I’m constructing a blog with multiple articles. On the blog page I want to show the summaries of the main contents, but on the articles’ pages I want to add a “pre-text” before the main content (in french it’s called a “chapô”). And for this chapô I want to have the possibility to use shortcodes, which are currently not functionning.

The markdown syntax is working fine in this chapô’s editor : I can use bold, italic, make links, etc. Only the shortcodes are not working.
I’ve thought that it would may be due to the shortcode’s plugin which only takes the main content into account, but I’ve not been able to find such a specification in the plugin’s files…