Second paragraph on pages sometimes is inexplicably larger

I’m putting together a few blog posts and come across this issue every once in a while… though I have many paragraphs, the second one seems to render as a font size larger than the rest.


Even if I add or remove paragraphs from my content, whatever ends up being the second paragraph is formatted as larger text. The Markdown has nothing to explain this, and even the resulting html (in both Edge and Chrome) shows no indication why the paragraph renders differently. What am I missing here?

I think this is a theme feature, that renders the second paragraph larger than the normal, not sure what’s the reason for this design, but check the CSS applied.

Yup, can confirm it’s a CSS feature to give the first paragraph emphasis. Just change/remove that CSS if you don’t like it.

Thanks guys. I was able to find the nth-child(2) selector in the CSS (in case anyone else is running into this).