Quark + Mediator theme: Instagram redirect no styling


I’ve posted a topic a few weeks ago about an issue and this issue, but this issue hasn’t been solved yet. Now I’ve found out a few new details, so maybe it causes you to understand what is wrong.

So whenever I open my website https://travelogy.nl via the Instagram app, it shows my blog without styling. At this moment I use Mediator (I know it’s a very old theme), but the same issue is when I use Quark (I have tested this). This is not happening through the Facebook app or via Instagram on the browser.

Another detail worth mentioning is that some people actually open it correctly via the IG app. An iPhone X worked fine, while my iPhone SE doesn’t work.

Is the solution maybe in a configuration of mobile? Can someone help me? :slight_smile:


Can really nobody help? :frowning: