Position images

If an image is added to a post, it will be placed before the text. However, I would like to place it at the very bottom. This is possible, but then you have the images twice.
Is there a way to place the images exactly where they should be?

Yes, but it depends purely on a post template. You’d have to create a new template in a theme. If it’s not your own theme you’re using, you should create a new one, inheriting the one you want

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+1, tell us which theme and template you are using please @Henning007. This is totally doable.

Hi hughbris,
I am using the zSimplex template.

@Henning007, Without providing proper information like…

  • The theme being used. Preferably with a url pointing at the repo of the theme.
  • The template being used for the page
  • What you are are trying to achieve:
    • The current situation: How things look right now
    • The desired outcome: How would you like it to look like after the change
  • What has been tried so far (e.g. showing code before and after)
  • etc.

… a few things will probably happen:

  1. Users will skip the question
  2. Users will not be able to provide a specific answer and will resort to general guidelines.
  3. Users might ask for clarification. If no sufficient clarification is being provided, users might fallback to 1.
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