Page content not saving

I am using Grav 1.6.19 with Admin 1.9.12 on a Windows 10 PC with Google Chrome 79.0.3945.88.

I’ve been actively editing pages via the Admin interface and had no issue up until this point, but for some reason, there is one page that will not save any changes that I make. I click Save, the page refreshes (like it’s going to save), and then it shows the content before the save.

I’ve tried clearing the cache through the Admin interface and clearing my browser cache. I also looked at the web server permissions to see if there was anything different on this one page. The permissions are identical to the other pages on the site, which I have no trouble editing/saving. I also checked to see if I was getting any errors in Google Developer Tools in the console (to see if maybe some sort of Javascript error was being thrown), but I see nothing.

Has your server enabled ?
Maybe some HTTP headers are filtered and prevent contents to be written,

You would see this in the server logs:

– Harald

If it’s a page with a specific blueprint, there might be an error in its blueprint.