Need a grav admin

Hey All,
I’ve setup grav on a server for a project I’ve been working on, but I’ve run out of time. I need someone to do some configuration work on it (

I need the following,

  1. Add a second grav site to the server which will sit on a separate domain, and use a different theme. You simply need to get the theme up and running, there is no requirement to adjust default images or undertake further configuration at this stage.

  2. Comments should be integrated into blog posts (see 2 below)

  3. Update the existing site as follows:

  4. Require login / signup to access specific pages (any page within the book). Other pages (e.g. blog posts) do not require login.

  5. Setup comments for the site (I’ve installed the jscomments plugin and would like to use Isso). People should be able to comment on blog posts and chapters of the story.

  6. Undertake some minor adjustments to styles.

I’m offering $25 per hour, tracked via hubstaff.

Note blog posts are not currently enabled on popebear but will be in the future.

If interested, please get in touch…

Hi, your site appears to be not working right now. But that’s because of the theme, a template file is not found.